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It warms the heart to see how science can be utilized to promote positive human aspects; in this case, we focus on a school, the world’s largest geodesic dome school made of bamboo, located in Thailand. A detailed profile of the Mechai Patana Secondary School can be viewed on their website at


Sketchup model of the largest bamboo dome school in the world, 30m in diameter

One of the main forces against poverty and to improve living standards in Thailand is Mechai Viravaidya. He’s a widely acclaimed leader in the fields of public health, education and community development.

Since 1974, Mr. Mechai, through his NGO, Population & Community Development Association (PDA), has initiated community-based family planning services, innovative poverty reduction and rural education programs, large-scale rural development and environmental programs, as well as groundbreaking HIV/AIDS prevention activities throughout Southeast Asia.

Before viewing the images below, please take a few minutes to get to know Mechai Viravaidya via his appearance at Ted in 2010

TEDxChange: Mechai Viravaidya


Here are a few images of the construction of the school

Geodesic bamboo hub

Geodesic bamboo hub

testing the bamboo at NTU engineering lab....with prof li bing....

Engineering and testing for the bamboo materials

The dome school under construction

The dome school under construction

Props are necessary during erection....

Props are necessary during erection….

The perimeter overhanging structure....

The perimeter overhanging structure….

Information about the school and its activities can be seen in the video below. It’s quite an interesting clip from beginning to end.

Mechai Pattana Bamboo School – Buriram, Thailand



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