Domebook 1 & 2


There are 2 important publications to read to learn the basics of geodesic dome structures. Actually it’s one: Domebook 1 and Domebook 2.

They are considered as the inspiration and reference bibles that launched thousands of projects. Many other books are more advanced though you will be hard pressed to find anything else as easy to read and understand as Domebook.


Lloyd Kahn – Domebook 2, Pacific Domes, 1971, 128 pages, over-size paperback, ASIN: B000H02IU8

(Note: has no relations to this publisher).

Lloyd Kahn is at it again, with Domebook 2. He says about the Domebook, “It’s much easier to build, than it is to write about it.”

You can view Domebook 2 online at this link:




A word about Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn is the editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications specializing in books on building and architecture as well as health and fitness. He also maintains a blog at He himself has written numerous books.


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