Geodesic domes and assembly times


When building a geodesic dome for an event, greenhouse or other purposes, a question always comes up: “How long will it take to assemble the dome?”

Below is a chart with estimates on how much time it takes to assemble a conduit dome (timber ones take much longer to put together!). We suggest equipment based on the diameter of the geodesic dome and estimates on capacity and resources required.

Last note: when you cover the geodesic dome set aside a coupe of hours for the fitting, and another 30 minutes to do a last check on the entire installation.


Dome diameter Capacity (estimate) Equipment to use Shape Setup time
20-foot / 6 meter Dome 5/9 (3v) Tall ladder, scaffolding 3v_59_frames_color setup_20
24- foot / 7 meter Dome 5/9 (3v) Tall ladder, scaffolding, scissor lift 3v_59_frames_color setup_24
30-foot / 9 meter Dome 5/9 (3v) scissor lift, scaffolding 3v_59_frames_color setup_30
36-foot / 11 meter Dome 1/2 (4v) scissor lift, scaffolding 4v_frames_color setup_36
44-foot / 14 meter Dome 1/2 (6v) boom lift, scissor lift, scaffolding 4v_frames_color setup_44
50-foot / 15 meter dome 1/2 (6v) Boom lift, scissor lift, scaffolding 6v_frames_color setup_60
90-foot / 27 meter dome 1/2 (6v) Boom lift, scissor lift, 6v_frames_color setup_90
120-foot / 37 meter dome 1/2 (8v) Boom lift, scissor lift 6v_frames_color setup_120


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