Nov 292012

Dan Suttin, a.k.a. Uncle Dan, is the founder of  “Homespun for Homeschoolers”. He is a tutor at the Math Lab at San Antonio College, helping students there with everything from Elementary Algebra all the way though Pre-Calculus.

On November 15, 2012 Dan presented a webinar titled “OCTA-TETRA Constructions and Polyhedron Models” hosted by the  American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.

Uncle Dan has a special gift: he makes mathematics simple, interesting and fun for all ages. His high-school-level, Algebra-I, video course claims “Master a year’s worth of Algebra in a fraction of the time!””, and this is true as you can see through the webinar video and the impressive collection of polyhedron models he showcases in his museum located in San Antonio, Texas. For more information on Uncle Dan’s OCTA-TETRA MUSEUM, click here.

You can visit Uncle Dan’s website at:

You can watch the webinar, YouTube version, below.

AMATYC Webinar: OCTA-TETRA Constructions and Polyhedron Models

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