Dec 182012

Domerama is almost one year old. We had a lot of help from one main source, the Geodesic Help Group discussion forum on Google.


Taff is not only the founder of the help group, he is the most prolific contributor for geodesic Sketchup models, many of which he has provided with notes and comments.

There are also many other contributors who give their time to help so many, notably Gerry Toomey which is passionate about geodesics and knows how to explain it to others in the form of spreadsheets, thorough explanations and practical advice. Dick Fischbeck is another active contributor and the inventor of the Randome.

But what makes this discussion group special is how it reaches out to so many from different backgrounds and offers a meeting point to share experiences and knowledge.

So if Domerama has ever helped you understand or build something, credit should also be given to Taff and other members of the help group. Unfortunately we only have a sketch of him and the gang members (see below), as dome heads are a shy species that only come out online using dial-up.




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