Dec 102012

You read correctly.

In the world of event structures, inflatables always make a splash, and one company caught our attention; first because they offer climbing inflatables, yes, your own climbing wall and one model is a beer can! Secondly, they create inflatable characters of any dimensions. Then we started looking at their other products and it was impressive to see how many things you can inflate.

Zepelin is geared to service corporate needs for promotional items that stand out. For us, it’s a chance to display colorful and alternative structures.

And last but not least, they also offer geodesic event domes and covers.

This man fits easily into the doggie bag

If you climb it, you can drink it!

Gorgeous geodesic dome

Inflatable hangar

John Deer probably used their leaf blower to inflate this one

Inflatable tent for any event

If life was perfect…

Inflatable archways

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