Event dome 360 projection

Scenes of the moon missions projected on a geodesic event dome

Scenes of the moon missions projected on a geodesic event dome

This is a selection of videos of event domes where 360 projection is used. Dome projection requires a number of projectors ( 2 to 8 depending on size and area to project on) which are positioned for best display results. A preliminary adjustment is made with the use of computer software and a a grid to adjust position and focus of each projector. What is eventually projected on the dome surface is mostly computer-controlled. It is not uncommon to use projectors of 20,000 lumen or more.


Coca-Cola Projection Dome


540 degree Full Dome Immersive Projection


World largest Full Dome video projection


Video Projection Domes Promo – Oracle Projects International




Ocean Drifters 360 Plankton


Dragon Treasure Show @City of Dream Macau – Complete version


Nokia Lab Dome @ SXSW 2012 by Vortex Immersion Media


Immersive Fulldome Cinema – turnkey solution by domeprojection.com


Monster Dome 2011


TM Unifi Hex Dome Video Projection


Digital Projection HD full dome.wmv


Massive HD Immersive Projection Dome


Dome projection


Nord Stream Pipeline Inauguration in Lubmin 08-11-2011


Spitball Media Projection Dome


EXPO2010 Shanghai — Theme Pavilion Urbanian — 360° dome projection


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