Earth building videos


Much of earth building is taught by doing more than reading. And so we offer a collection of videos to explain the various aspects of the techniques.

The most comprehensive playlist is probably this one by Natural Houses:

Step-By-Step Earthbag Building
There are also many other interesting videos about earthbag building:


Our Earthbag House – How to buid a fortress on the cheap


Earth Bag Builiding


Earth Bag Construction


Finished Earthbag Roundhouse


EARTHBAG DOME in ARKANSAS – Foundation Preparation – 1 MAJORS


0 Earthbag House


Earthbag House


Earthbag Building – bag filling 2


Beyond 90 Degrees with Earthbags


Earthbag Dome


Earthbag Building in California


EARTHBAG DOME HOME- Filling Bags, Electrical, Door – 5 MAJORS


Cincinnati House – Earthbag Wall – Part I


Cincinnati House – Earthbag Wall – Part II


Earthbag House 2


Earthbag Timelapse


Earthbag House





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