Cover template for a 10-foot, 3v, 5/9 Geodesic dome


10 sections are required to form a cover

To obtain the calculations and diagrams for this cover template, you can print out the images below.

You can also obtain the complete information package in a single PDF file by clicking here.

This is a double pattern (2 sections together)


A gymnasium makes geodesic dome assembly easier!

OK, so you may not have a gymnasium to aseemble the dome sections together, and you don’t really need one. In the two images below someone used the calculations to make a 45-foot (15 meter) dome. You can see where the slits in the sections were made. These insure that the cover will fit on a curved surface.

Click to enlarge

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A different way to attach your cover to the geodesic dome

Also keep in mind the hubs can serve as attachment points for your cover. This way the cover moves less, will have more tension and looks better.  You can punch a hole where the bolt is and add a grommet with a piece of extra fabric to strengthen the grommet. To avoid water leakage use rubber pads under and over the grommet.

To hold the grommet in place, you need to insert the bolt from the inside so the tip sticks out on the outside. Look at the image below.


Distances between points are arranged in a table, the same presentation as you find on travel maps

3V, 5/9 geodesic dome assembly diagram

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