Actual people building actual geodesic domes


These are domes that people have built using the Geo-Dome plans.

A GD15 build.
The GD27.
GD27 dome covered in glass and used as a conservatory. 
A GD5 kit in southern Ireland.paul_033 
Group of domes built for a project in Slovenia. 
Here’s a picture of a GD27 covered in polycarbonate with a custom raised base. I think this one is in Wyoming.
This is a dome frame in mid construction over a grain silo to make a glazed library.
GD62 kit covered in polythene (polyethylene).
Beautiful picture of a GD15 dome kit.
Here’s another fantastic picture of the GD15 kit 
This is a GD27 kit but instead of the standard double doors it has a rather nice asymmetric door.




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